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How did Prayer Warriors United begin?

About 14 years ago, after becoming disabled, I began praying saying God I can't do what I love to do so You have to show me what to do. I need to do something with my me. My son, who was in the Marine Corps. sent me a web TV so we could begin to send e-mails back n forth so we could keep in touch. I stumbled upon a chat room, Disability Cove. That's where I met Dan the original moderator, then Doris a former Prayer Warrior.
While being a host in Disability Cove one of the regulars needed surgery and when I was asked about how she was doing or if there were any updates on her, I said sure and began to type her recovery. One of the prayer group members said can we say a prayer for her and to which I said sure. Someone began to type a prayer.
The different chat room guests would begin to give me their e-mail addresses for the updates and the list for the prayer group began. Then little by little more requests began to flow in and both Doris and I began adding to the list of Prayer Warriors.
God started the prayer group with a simple prayer and a desire to do something for Him. So 14 years later we have grown by God's hand and grace fighting against obstacles, satan's hand to try to bring us down.
God has always provided me with a different computer tower when the former would begin to have problems.
God has drawn many to us just with typing in prayer groups in a search engine bar or via a friend. This is God's prayer group and will always be. He is the director we are just the instruments He uses to gather His people together to do what He has asked and called us to do and that is pray, uplift, encourage one another and to give Him praise and thanksgiving.
May God Bless You & Yours,
Ruth Ann

We have grown to an uncountable number.
This means that at all times somewhere, someone is praying for those in need. We are united in the belief in the power of prayer. We are not one religion, or denomination, we are many. We do not promote any political idea over another.


Love and Prayers,
Vee and Ruth Ann


Prayer requests are taken through e-mail,
are mailed to those on the list,
who then take the requests
and mail to those on their list.
The lists keep growing and going.
We now have spread around the world.


No cost,
just your time spent in prayer


Prayer Warriors, let everyone see where all their prayers are being prayed for!
Click on the globe to place your pin.
Thank you one and all!
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by Anne R. C. Neale

It's comforting to know people are praying for you,
When you have an ailment inside of you,
It's a comfort to know their prayers are going to God
To help you through a sickness on earth's sod,

Prayer is powerful and prayers do work,
Prayers can be said anywhere inside or outside church,
In your house, or in a car, or in a store,
Prayers are powerful, that is for sure,

Take comfort in praying for your family and friends
And for people you don't know, too, Amen,
Prayers are powerful, God hears them all,
Saying your prayers is good for the soul.

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